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Presidents Poverty free essay sample

Analyzes financial strategies neediness projects of Democrats Kennedy Johnson Republicans Reagan Bush. The unique social strategies and projects of the Kennedy/Johnson period and the Reagan/Bush time exhibit the various perspectives wherein these organizations saw poor people. Kennedy/Johnson policymakers viewed the poor as defective and unpracticed, needing government help to enter the standard and acclimatize societys hard working attitude. Reagan/Bush policymakers viewed the poor as casualties of government overindulgence, whose solitary trust in independence was by weaning them from the administration give. Social arrangements and projects keep on going under serious assault as officials look for intends to control the countrys spiraling government shortage. An assessment of the objectives and social speculations fundamental the arrangements and projects of the Kennedy/Johnson and Reagan/Bush organizations exhibits why the prickly issue of destitution

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The Move :: Personal Narrative Moving Essays

The Move Summer of 2000, my folks concluded we should move to California. From Georgia to California, East Coast to West Coast. I don't think my mother truly needed to move. It was my Daji’s (Dad’s oldest sibling) flaw. He and his child purchased an inn in Morro Bay, California. Daji needed my father to assist him with running it(the inn). So with the end goal for that to occur, we would all need to move. My mother was not accompanying my father, sister and me, at this time. We despite everything had our home and my mother despite everything had her activity. We required the salary. We were going to head to California in our white Nissan Previa. As we went through the southern states, my mother got news from Zambia, where her family lives, saying that my granddad had a respiratory failure. So now my mother was not going to be coming to California when she was assume to. I would have been mother less for longer than I was happy to be. I cried and cried (despondently). I know my f ather felt bad(horrible about what he was doing) yet he was unable to tell his more established sibling no. Every one of those imbecilic regard rules. In our way of life, that is the Indian culture, we should regard our older folks, regardless of whether that implies doing things we would prefer not to do, but(I accept) some of the time you can say no. We drove the remainder of the best approach to California. We remained at the inn, the one my Daji purchased. It had a loft connected to it. The loft had two rooms, a kitchen, lounge room, lounge area, and a full shower. My sister and I shared one of the rooms, my cousin and his better half had the other room, my father dozed in the front room and my auntie and uncle dozed in one of the inn rooms. We detested it. Back home we had our own rooms, our own space. My sister and I were not exceptionally close as of now, so it was hard to share and discussion about what was going on. We didn't care for it(the thought of moving) generally on the grounds that we were away from our companions, our reality and above all our mother. (at the point when we got to California we must be selected school. So we went to the nearest school My father took us to the school, which was thirty minutes from where we lived, in a totally unique town.

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Al-Anon Meeting Topics for Beginners

Al-Anon Meeting Topics for Beginners More in Addiction Coping and Recovery Methods and Support Overcoming Addiction Personal Stories Alcohol Use Addictive Behaviors Drug Use Nicotine Use Most Al-Anon Family Groups meetings are topic discussion meetings. This means the person who is leading the meeting, the chairperson, chooses a topic related to the experience of dealing with a friend or family member who has a problem with alcoholism. Sometimes the chairperson will ask the group if anyone has a topic they would like the group to discuss. After a topic is chosen, then those who are at the meeting can share their experience, strength, and hope regarding that specific topic. Topics for Meetings Below are some of the topics that seem to be of most interest to those who are newcomers to Al-Anon Family Groups, or who want to learn more about the program and learn how to deal with their alcoholic friends or relatives. Buddy T. shares topics discussed through 19 years of  Al-Anon Chat Meetings. Newcomers are welcome, especially at the  Al-Anon Beginners Chat  Friday nights. These topics are suitable for live meetings as well. Acceptance How have you learned to tell the difference between those things that you can change and those you cant regarding living with an alcoholic? Discuss what accepting that you are powerless over alcohol means to you. Alcoholism as a Disease Accepting alcoholism as a disease can help you understand how the alcoholic goes through cycle after cycle of swearing off alcohol but returning to his or her same habit days later. Explore that topic. Dealing With Anger You may get mixed messages about anger in your household. Are you told to control your anger but others in the family are allowed to explode violently? At Al-Anon, you learn that anger is a natural and normal emotion. Being angry is okay, its what you do with the anger that makes a difference. Changing Attitudes The Al-Anon meeting opening statement says, So much depends on our own attitudes, and as we learn to place our problem in its true perspective we find it loses its power to dominate our thoughts and our lives. What attitude is dominating your life? Dealing With Change The principles you learn in Al-Anon Family Groups can help deal with changes as they come in life - sometimes major changes. You may not be able to change the circumstances any, but you can change your attitude about the situation. Choices You have choices. You have to accept the things you cannot change. You do not have to accept unacceptable behavior. You have the right to make decisions that are in your best interestâ€"to decide not to be around alcoholic behavior and to walk away from fights and arguments. And to decide to no longer participate in the insanity of others. Have you found the courage to make those kinds of decisions? Control Issues Do you have  control issues? If you step in and try to solve problems for others you rob them of the dignity of being able to make their own mistakes and learn from them. Are you learning to let go and let God? Courage to Change Courage to change is not something that comes naturally to those who grew up in alcoholic homes. You may have found yourself being comfortable in relationships that were not only not healthy  but downright sick. In order for all that to change, you have to seek courage from an outside source. Dealing With Crises Are you able to deal with major crises but find yourself driven crazy by the small, everyday ones? Resources for Families of Alcoholics Denial Are you frustrated by the blatant denial  of an alcoholic, who wont admit that his or her behavior is causing problems, damaging and destroying others? Have you learned that it isnt your job to convince that person they are in denial, turning that over to a power greater than yourself? Detachment Learning how to detach can be difficult. When the alcoholic gets into a crisis, do you want to rush in and save the day? This can be the exact opposite of what you should do to get that person point of reaching out for help. Enabling Some of the things that you do to try to help the alcoholic are the very things that are enabling her to continue in her dysfunctional behavior. Are You Enabling an Alcoholic? Unreasonable Expectations Are your expectations not reasonable at all when you are dealing with an alcoholic? You may be setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration  until you learn to adjust  your expectations closer to reality. Emptiness Emptiness is that loneliness that comes with living with and trying to love someone who was just not there. Someone who doesnt care about anything else but alcohol. Have you tried to fill that void with less than healthy things? A Family Disease You may have come to Al-Anon thinking the alcoholic was the only one who was exhibiting insane behavior. But when you focus on yourself, you may realize that some of your behavior and thinking are also off-kilter. Thats why they call alcoholism a family disease. Fear of Abandonment Are you afraid or even terrified of being alone or abandoned? Do you go to any lengths to hold on to a relationship, no matter how unhealthy or harmful  because you are afraid of not ever being able to have another one? Focus on Ourselves One of the 12 Traditions of Al-Anon states that we have no opinion on outside issues. Someone elses drinking or behavior is an outside issue. How do you keep the focus on your spiritual journey of recovery and not on anyone elses behavior? Forgiveness It seems to be one of those spiritual truths that before you can be forgiven, you must first forgive. That seems to be the way God always does it, puts the ball in your court and waits for you to make the first move. God does not require you to feel like forgiving, only that you forgive. By doing so, by taking that first step, even just faking it until you make it even, then God is able to give  you a forgiving heart. Gratitude Do you find yourself feeling sorry for yourself? A suggestion is to  sit down and write out a gratitude list. It is amazing how that really works to chase away the gloom. Growing One Day at a Time Do you work on your Al-Anon program every day? Do you see how that keeps you making progress, or at least prevents the worst backward slides? Honesty Do you have difficulty with the honesty part of the program? After years of covering up and keeping secrets, it can be hard to be open and honest. Keep It Simple It may sound like a trite saying, but there is a lot of wisdom in the suggestion to keep it simple. Let Go and Let God Are you practicing the principle of letting go and letting God in relation to living with an alcoholic, but also in dealing with many other things? Live and Let Live Learning it is okay to live your life without it revolving around an alcoholic can be new territory. How can you learn to live and let live? Looking After You When you start looking after yourself first and addressing your problems, you arent contributing as much to the chaos and confusion. The alcoholic can stop reacting to your efforts to control them. You wont be stopping them from drinking, but your situation and attitude will be changed. Mind Your Own Business At Al-Anon, somebody elses drinking is none of your business,  You are  not responsible for someone elses choices. The shame and the embarrassment caused by their behavior doesnt belong to you, it belongs to them. If they decide to make choices that are bad for them, it is not a reflection on how good a parent, or friend, or spouse, or sponsor you are. They have the right to make their own mistakes and, hopefully, learn from them. You can only do my part right, share your experience, strength, and hope when its appropriate to do so. One Day at a Time The slogan one day at a time sounds like another one of those trite sayings that are overused, but there really is a lot of wisdom in reminding yourself to not live in the past or project the future, but deal with the here and now. Powerless You may have come to Al-Anon never once thinking you were powerless, that there was something you could do to cause the alcoholic to wake up and finally admit there was a problem. Step 1 is admitting you are powerless over alcohol. Dealing With Rejection Do you have difficulty handling rejection in any form? Do you have to find a way to fix any disagreement? Restoration to Sanity Step 2 says we came to believe a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. Have you accepted that you are insane and need that help? Or do you still maintain that only the alcoholic is the crazy one? Self Esteem Do you have problems with self-confidence or feeling that you really belong? Serenity You can become addicted to excitement when you live with an alcoholic. Crises, problems, grief, abuse, chaos, anything but boredom. How can you accept the  gift of serenity? Trust Trust is a problem when you first come into Al-Anon. All the lies, the betrayals, and the secrets can leave your heart broken and hardened. Have you begun to learn to trust yourself and others? Understanding and Encouragement Part of Al-Anons primary purpose is to offer understanding and encouragement to the alcoholic. Unreasonable Without Knowing It It says in the Al-Anon meeting opening statement, Our thinking becomes distorted by trying to force solutions, and we become irritable and unreasonable without knowing it. Can you really become unreasonable and not even know it? Dealing With Verbal Abuse It difficult it is to detach when the disease is in your face screaming! When the alcoholic is accusing, cursing, raging, dominating, manipulating, or controlling, it makes detachment with love seem almost impossible. How have you learned to detach during these episodes? How the Alcoholic Mindset Affects Families

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Essay about The Loss of Ethics and Trust in Corporations...

Something that is widely down spread due to some of the current allegations within corporations is ethics and trust. Many individuals including myself look at shows such as Cops and Cheaters as drama and action but it is merely nothing more than ethics and trust right in front of our eyes. The effects of our daily lives not only affect us but so many others. I remember during high school that Enron, a huge corporation at the time, wasn’t doing so well and yet they had â€Å"cooked the books†. That means that basically that they were forging and falsify their records to perceive as if they were being successful. It is easy now to look back on it and say the company did it to seem attractive for potential investors. We know the outcome of their†¦show more content†¦The internal controls were correctly monitored within the previous ninety days and have been reported on their findings. We must have a list of all deficiencies in the internal controls and informati on on any fraud that involves employees who are involved within the internal activities. The report must also include any major noteworthy changes in internal controls that could have a negative impact on the internal controls. (Barth, 2012) Section 401 includes disclosers in the periodic reports. Financial statements which are published by issuers are required to be accurate and presented in a manner that does not falsify or not disclose any significant state material. These financial statements shall also include all out of balance obligations or transactions. The Commission was required to study and report on the extent of off-balance transactions resulting transparent reporting. The Commission is also required to determine whether generally accepted accounting principles or other regulations result in open and meaningful reporting by issuers. (Barth, 2012) Section 404 is what many refer to as the most complicated, most contested, and most expensive to implementation of all the Sarbanes Oxley Act sections. â€Å"All annual financial reports must include an Internal Control Report stating that management is responsible for an adequateShow MoreRelatedThe Rise of Enron Essay examples1632 Words   |  7 Pageswas considered to be one of the most notorious and compelling business ethics cases in modern generations. It’s was a textbook version of what can go wrong in an organization that lacks a true culture of ethical standards. Investors and the media once considered Enron to be the company of the future, but as its demise suggests, it was in reality not a particularly modern business organization, especially in its approach to ethics. The corporate actions that led to Enrons demise were not only theRead MoreEthics and Information Security Essay1125 Words   |  5 PagesEthics and Online Source Information What is Ethics? In my opinion, ethics give people free will to make right choices. People have free will to make choices that are governed with responsibility, accountability, and liability. We have a responsibility to perform in an ethical manner and be accountable for our choices or actions. Regardless of the circumstances and choices we make, there are consequences if we make the wrong choice. The question of whether an action or choice is ethical or notRead MoreThe Ethics Of An Ethical Officer1074 Words   |  5 Pagessubject of business ethics, as well as its importance to businesses and organizations. However despite this, there has not been much written on exactly how businesses should be ensuring ethical practices are being implemented. One proposal to help businesses manage the ethical problems and issues that arise with large business was the creation of a role to handle ethical issues and problems that may occur within the organization. That role became what is now known as an ethics of ficer. The job ofRead MoreWhat Is Ethical Leadership?948 Words   |  4 Pagesleadership? Before answering the question, let s look at the definition of ethics and leadership. According to the Oxford dictionary ethics is defined as moral principles that govern a persons or groups behavior. Moreover, the Oxford Dictionary defines the word leadership as follow â€Å"the action of leading a group of individuals or an organization. Ethical and moral leadership are related to concepts such as trust, honesty, consideration and more. Daniel Palmer notes that good leadershipRead MoreThe Sarbanes Oxley Act Of 20021530 Words   |  7 Pagesmoney they invested into the company. This chart shows that the share price dropped from $84 per share to $0.01 per share in about ten months. It seems like not a big deal, but in reality people usually buy hundreds of shares in a company, so that loss of $84 can calculate to about $25,200 if a person has 300 shares lost. This chart shows how quickly the money was lost and how badly it affected the people who owned shares of Enron. After the Enron scandal the government had created a new law calledRead MoreMarketing And Distribution Strategies Of Wyndham Worldwide1627 Words   |  7 PagesSITUATIONS Wyndham Worldwide Corporation (WYN) is a hospitality products and service provider company headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey . Operating globally, the company offers business customers and individual consumers a wide array of hospitality services and products as well as accommodation alternatives through its premier portfolio of globally renowned brands (McKenzie, 2015). Trammel Crow founded the company in 1981 under the name Wyndham Hotel Corporation. Since its foundation, the companyRead MoreChild Labor Ethical Dilema1357 Words   |  6 PagesBombay, and other far-flung regions throughout the world. As the world becomes smaller and the global marketplace increases, companies have been establishing plants in nations in which the labor costs are cheap. While many deride this practice as a loss of jobs in the home market of the company, others argue that consumers are demanding less expensive goods. This demand for less expensive, same-quality goods, is resulting in new plan ts in third-world nations, or outsourcing to companies who can provideRead MoreThe Role Of Research, Technology Transfer, And Non-Core Education928 Words   |  4 Pagessecond-class, low-paid instructors, and the funds have been diverted to other programs. Conflicts of interest can arise in continuing-education courses, for example, those offered by medical schools where nearly one-third of the expenses are paid by corporations who want their brands prominently featured. Although med schools deny it, such corporate money brings pressure to present certain findings and not others or to concentrate on certain treatments (for example, ones requiring drugs) to the exclusionRead MoreEssay on The Consequences of Bad Business Decisions1304 Words   |  6 Pagespursue capitalism to its fullest potential. In doing so, business leaders have lost their values and ethics, and make bad business decisions. The downfalls of a company are the consequence of C.E.O.s bad decisions. According to Marjaana Kopperi business ethics, can simply be defined in terms of social and ecological responsibility of business. According to this definition, business ethics requires that business decisions should not be made exclusively from the narrow, economical perspectiveRead MoreWe Must Not Allow Wealthy Donors to Control U.S. Politics Essay1513 Words   |  7 Pagesresponsibility and ethics in Washington or CREW, a non-profit legal watchdog group dedicated in holding public officials accountable for their actions, about seventeen members of the past congress member were listed for most corrupt. The political scandals we hear about are usually swept under the rug but affect large numbers of the populations through insane budget cuts and constrains. Middle and lower socials class are the ones who take the hits in economical inflations and loss of employment. Such

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The Origin and Development of Basketball Essay - 524 Words

The Origin and Development of Basketball The game of basketball was created by a gentlemen name of Dr. James Naimsmith on 1861. He was born on Ontario, Canada. He brings the game up when he was working as a teacher on the Young Men Christian Association Training School. Naimsmith created the game to keep the kids in good condition, and wanted to find an activity that could be played indoors on the winter months. Basketball is a popular sport, between two teams. Each of them has 5 players and competes against each other for the highest scores. The game involved elements of football, soccer, and hockey the first game was actually played with a soccer ball. The goals were made of wooden peach baskets placed on the wall. Teams consisted of†¦show more content†¦In 1939 this gap was increased from 2 feet to the present 4 feet to allow for more movement underneath the basket. The first game of basketball were played with soccer balls. However, they proved to be unsuitable for dribbling and ball handling. The first manufac tured basketballs were produced in 1894 by a bicycle manufacturing company. In the late 1890s Spalding took over as the official ball maker. In 1905 the choice of basketballs was left up to the teams. Because of their inability to maintain their shape and their laces, these early brown leather basketballs were hard to dribble. In 1929 basketballs were re-designed for more bounce and with concealed laces which eliminated erratic bounces. The balls were bigger, lighter and easier to handle. In 1942 molded basketballs that maintained a constant shape and size replaced the stitched balls. In 1967 the American Basketball Association (ABA) played with a red, white and blue basketball. Today, the WNBA and FIBA use contrasting panels. The mens ball is 30 in circumference and the smaller womens ball is 29 in circumference. As you can see the game of Basketball has changed a lot. Now you can see all those changes on the different teams in all leagues around the world. I considered it that Ba sketball has evolved compare with the past. You can see the different on uniforms, courts, balls, shoes, etc†¦ During the last years the game of Basketball has became very popular, has been used on schoolShow MoreRelatedEssay about The Origin of the Game of Basketball1391 Words   |  6 Pagesor professional basketball game, although, few actually know where or how this widely popular sport was created. From this paper, one will acquire information about the origin of the game of basketball, how the game has evolved over time, and basketball as a business. â€Å"The two questions that I am most commonly asked when I am discussing basketball with persons whom I have just met are, How did you come to think of it? and What changes have taken place in the game since its origin?†Ã¢â‚¬  (Naismith 61)Read MoreHistory of Basketball848 Words   |  4 PagesHistory of Basketball Basketball has been around for over 100 years, and from the very beginning to now, the sport has come a long way. Basketball is extremely popular around the world, it is a court game played by two teams of five players each. The object is to put a ball through a hoop, or basket, and thus score more points than the opposing team (Naismith). Today there is the NBA as the professional league and colleges all across America has picked up the game of basketball also. TodayRead MoreCurrent Issue Of Sport : Globalization1307 Words   |  6 Pagessuccess or not. For instance, by the effect of the saturated North American market, National Basketball Association (NBA) begun to expand its new market to Asia. This broad strategy assisted NBA making a brilliant achievement in popularizing its product in China: â€Å"For China, the NBA spent two decades building courts, teaching youth the game, and hosting promotions. Now over 300 million people in China play basketball. The league notes that 89% of Chinese aged 15 to 54 are aware of the NBA brand and NBARead MoreEssay about The Origin Of Basketball And I1572 Words   |  7 Pages Over the years since basketball was invented, its popularity has gotten very big. The game is played all over the world and has made a lot of people rich through its many professional leagues. The National Basketball Association is, by far, the most popular league in the world, but a lot of people like to watch college, high school, and recreational basketball as much. The game of basketball is one of the most popular and exciting games to watch or play on any skill level. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;InRead MoreImportant Sports in the Society of The United States Essay1142 Words   |  5 Pages Sports are important in the society of the United States. Sports promote and motivate the development of physical fitness and sports participation for all Americans of all ages. The four major sports are most popular in the United States ; American football, Basketball, Baseball, and Ice Hockey. They are all enjoyed by not only americans, but also people in all around the world. Especially sports are associated with education in the United States. Most high schools and universities organizedRead MoreHiv And Aids : Aids1606 Words   |  7 Pagesprimates. These will be discussed on the next slide. Since HIV is a lentivirus and symptoms do not appear right away a person will look fine on the outside with possible â€Å"flu-like† symptoms, but what is really happening is in one’s immune system (Origin of HIV AIDS, 2014). FIRST OUTBREAK As I mentioned on the previous slide, HIV has two strands HIV 1 and HIV 2. These strands differentiate between two different types of primates who are thought to have caused the initial spread of this diseaseRead MoreBritish American Influence on Australia1015 Words   |  5 Pagesand Family Ties rated highly, along with crime dramas like Magnum P.I. and Miami Vice. Entertainment plays a significant role in forming the culture, beliefs and values of a nation. A strong entertainment industry, therefore, is important to the development of a strong national identity. American words heard on movies, TV etc have buried themselves deep within the Australian language e.g. bro, dude chill out, cool By 1980, there were 105 McDonalds stores throughout the Australia. These outletsRead MoreMental Illness And Its Effects On Your Mood, Thinking, And Behavior1432 Words   |  6 Pagesstarted shooing him away as if he was some sort of pest. I felt horrible for him and the way he was treated but I couldn’t do anything about it also being a young boy watching from the window. Sociology the science or study of the origin, development, organization, and functioning of human society; the science of the fundamental laws of social relations, institutions, etc. Discrimination Discrimination is defined as the unfair treatment of different categories of people, especially onRead MoreMarketing Mix of Ea Sports990 Words   |  4 Pagesor basketball games based on both NBA Live and Madden NFL. The earlier titles released until 1996 are referred by fans as the classic series. There are several other series, including F1 Championship (discontinued after Sony acquired the exclusive license for the Formula 1 championship), Super bike and others with a limited distribution such as AFL PRODUCT LINE amp; PRODUCT MIX IS DETAILED BELOW:- Place : – Original HQ in San Mateo, California moved to Redwood City in 1998 Origin SystemsRead MoreGender Differences Between Women And Men Speak981 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Sex Differences† is an essay written by a professor of linguistics named Ronald Macaulay. In the essay, he pointed out that there were no gender differences regarding to language development. He talked about various stereotypes about how men and women speak. He also explains in depth about how social environment made an impact on the talking between men and women. He also concluded that those linguists who still believe in that theory only continue to do so even if what they found in their research

Love and Relationships Updates Free Essays

Communication is the key to maintaining a healthy relationship. Taking serves to nurture your relationship and prevents problems or issues from festering. † Working things out is part of every relationship and everyone will do it differently. We will write a custom essay sample on Love and Relationships Updates or any similar topic only for you Order Now Many would have never been that serious when it comes to knowing more about how relationships work and how will it ever go well. Here’s how to deal with conflicts and how to manage your relationships. Learn to manage your time. If you really love the person you are in a relationship with, you should never forget that time is very much important when it comes to relationships. Remember that some people feel important when they are given time. To spend time on something thoroughly and effectively, takes time. And while this sounds redundant, it is a fundamental truth: to take time, takes time. Therefore, knowing how to use time effectively is essential. Use healthy communication to resolve conflicts. Try to see things from each other’s point of view. Negotiate in times of disagreements; understand that you cannot win at all times. Listen without judging. Stick to issues and do not attack the person, his beliefs or even his culture. Accept each other’s uniqueness. Realize that your differences enrich your relationship. Don’t sweat the small stuffs out. â€Å"Accept my supposed quirkiness as a woman and I’ll be accepting yours as a man. † as others would usually put in. From the start, build a foundation based on respect and apprec- iation of each other’s characteristics. Explore each other’s differences and interests and build them to make your relationship as a couple stronger. Don’t drag about the past. You see, PAST is PAST. You should never go back to it anymore because it is done. All you have to do is just to learn from it and prevent your mistakes and continue doing what is simply right. Take time to reflect on your own history as a third party looking in without judgment: simply observe. Understand that you are not your past. Understand that the situations and patterns and people in your life created your experiences, they didn’t create you. Knowing and understanding your past and some of your patterns will help you to recognize why you hold on and repeat self-destructive behaviors. Understanding creates awareness; awareness helps you break the cycle. Build your trust. Trust is the treasure of our daily lives. However, we do not understand its value. It is generally seen that trust in our daily lives is disappearing fast. Why have we become so suspicious that we can never enter into meaningful relationships with each other? Why can we not behave as normal human beings? After all when we were born as human beings the first lesson we learnt was that we should trust each other. However, as our lives progressed slowly, trust began to diminish. Our childhood innocence gave way to calculations in which there was no place for trust. Trust in each other gives strength and vitality to our relationships. It gives us inner happiness, which is priceless. It brings joy all around and life appears brighter and brighter . Its fragrance spreads far and wide. When you trust each other you feel self-confident. Trusting each other gives us a sense of deep bonding. It signifies that we are united to fight the battles ahead. It is indeed the communication in which relationships rely into. Without proper understanding and communication, a relationship can either deteriorate or be simply gone in a blink. The reason why most relationships couldn’t gone farther and longer is because they cannot talk about their problems, and egoistic people always are egoistic. Nobody wants to go under the other. Love is never about one but is about two or more hearts bind together as ONE. Love thinks less of oneself and it always gives and protects the other. Whenever we think that we are going wrong in love, we should never forget of the definition or should we say real definition of love in the Bible, it’s I Corinthians 13. How to cite Love and Relationships Updates, Papers

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Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria an Example of the Topic History Essays by

Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria: Their Similarities and Differences Queen Elizabeth has become a legend of monarchy in her own lifetime. She is referred to as the Golden Age of England because it was considered to many as a time of great achievement and prosperity. She is famed by her abilities and achievements as she became a model to her very own people (Robin Chew, 2008). Need essay sample on "Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria: Their Similarities and Differences" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed Our Customers Often Tell EssayLab writers: Who wants to write assignment for me? Professional writers recommend: Here Is Your Life Vest! Essay Writing Helper Write My Essay Online Essay Paper Writing Service Best Essay Writing Service Elizabeth's life was troubled because she is an unwanted daughter of King Henry VIII. Her father wanted to have a son with his second missus which is Anne Boleyn but Anne failed, she gave birth to Elizabeth instead. Elizabeth was born on 7 September 1533 at Greenwich Palace. Her birth was possibly the greatest disappointment of her father's life. He had wanted a son and heir to succeed him as he already had a daughter, Mary, by his first missus, Katherine of Aragon. He had not divorced Katherine, and changed the religion of the country in the process, to have only another daughter. Elizabeth's early life was consequently troubled. Her mater failed to provide the King with a son and was executed on false charges of incest and adultery on 19 May 1536. Anne's marriage to the King was declared null and void, and Elizabeth, with her half-sister, Mary, was declared illegitimate. Her father's killing of her succeeding stepmothers traumatized Elizabeth. There was Jane Seymour, the third mate r, who died after giving birth to the King's only son, Edward. When the king died in the January of 1547, and his young son became King Edward VI, but he is still nine years old at that time so Edward Seymour, became Protector of England. Then the throne goes to Mary then to Elizabeth's succession. Queen Elizabeth I was crowned Queen on Sunday 15th January 1559. In the months that followed, the new Queen re-established the Protestant Church and restored the debased coinage. Queen Elizabeth I ruled from 1558 to 1603. She was the last of the Tudor monarchs. Elizabeth was impatient to become queen; she had, after all, both a brother and a sister before her in the queue to the throne. Yet Queen she became and to many historians she is the greatest monarch that England has ever had. When Elizabeth became Queen she was faced with several dilemmas. Firstly she was not married, and again the question of the succession rises. Would Elizabeth be the baked bean Elizabeth who persecuted the Catholics or be a peacemaker and allow people to have personal choice? There was also the problem of her sister's husband, Phillip. As King of Spain he was a fearsome foe and he had a bleedin' smashing bagsie to the throne. More worryingly he was intent on keeping England Catholic. This meant that war w as likely. Elizabeth's success as a Queen is a measure of how well she overcame each of these problems. There was war with Spain. England defeated the Spanish Armada and became a world power as a result. Explorations into the Americas and a dog's bollocks deal of legitimized piracy saw England become wealthier. The Religious persecutions ended: Elizabeth's reign saw just for executions for heresy as compared to the 280 in Mary's reign. The problem of marriage and the succession was one that was not overcome. There are many theories as to why Elizabeth chose not to marry and many names of supposed husbands to be. Elizabeth did manage to use these for political advantage however, playing the Spanish of against other major powers. She also managed to contain the catholic threat to her monarchy. Mary Stuart, queen of Ecosse and a claimant to the pommy throne, was forced to beg Elizabeth to protect her. She was later executed after being implicated in a plot to overthrow Elizabeth. At the end of her reign Queen Elizabeth ruled over an England that was stronger politically and wealthier than it had been four hundreds of years. England 's ruled the waves and was a major world force. She died at Richmond Palace on the 24th March 1603. Until Her death Elizabeth never had a husband or was married and did also have no children. (Elizabeth I Biography, 2008) Alexandrina Victoria was the only wean of the fourth son of King George III: Edward, Duke of Kent, fourth son of George III. Her mater was Victoria Maria Louisa of Saxe-Coburg, sister of King Leopold of the Belgians. Victoria became heiress apparent of the British crown. Her father died right after her birth. She became heir to the throne because of her three uncles; George IV, Frederick Duke of York, and William IV, of which they do not have a legitimate children who survived. She became Queen of Stonking, Britain. She was crowned the next year. During her reign, it was associated with Britain's great age of economic progress, industrial expansion and empire. She tested the limits of her royal powers when the government of Lord Melbourne, her Prime Minister, who had been her mentor, fell the next year. She refused to follow precedent and dismissed her ladies of the bedchamber so that the Tory government could replace em. Her refusal brought back the Whigs until 1841. She'd met her cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, when they were both seventeen. When they were twenty, he returned to England, and Victoria, in love with him, proposed marriage. They were married on February 10, 1840. Their first child, a daughter, was born in November 1840, and the Prince of Wales, Edward, in 1841. Three more sons and four more daughters followed. Victoria had traditional views on the role of the barney rubble and strife and mater, and though she was Queen and Albert was Prince Consort, he shared government responsibilities at least equally. His death in 1861 devastated her; her prolonged mourning lost her much popularity (Sachar L.,1989) Eventually coming out of seclusion, she maintained an active role in government until her death in 1901. Her reign, the longest of any British monarch, was marked by waxing and waning popularity -- and suspicions that she preferred the Germans a bit too much always diminished her popularity somewhat. By the time she had assumed the throne, the British monarchy was more figurehead and influence than it was a direct power in the government, and her long reign did little to change that. During her lifetime she published her Letters, Leaves from the Journal of our Life in the Highlands and More Leaves. The marriage of her daughters into other royal families, and the likelihood that her children bore a mutant gene for hemophilia, both affected the following generations of European history. (, 2008) Monarchy has really been the dog's bollocks role in the United Kingdom. The queens, kings, prince and princes have a dog's bollocks influence to the people. Monarchy system of government in which one person reigns, usually a king or queen. The authority, or crown, in a monarchy is generally inherited. The ruler, or monarch, is often only the head of state, not the head of government. An example of this kind of government is the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth is one of the monarch of England as well as with Queen Victoria. These two queens have notice cultures just fancy Queen Victoria who really give a sterling importance to the morality of herself and her people while Queen Elizabeth have freedom of the British people to choose their own religion and to eradicate catholic persecution, the bring back the pride of the country. They are same y because the both of em possess noice culture. But they r different from the kind of life that they hae, because Queen Victoria hae a more peaceful and chuffed childhood even though she's been trough to a lot of circumstances. Queen Elizabeth is full of troble from the day she was born because her doesn't fancy her and she's also been through to a lot of stepmothers. In terms wars they r also different because during Queen Victoria's time they encountered a war because they wanted Transvaal to be their extension or they conducted the war 4 the sake of their own. While during the time Q ueen Elizabeth war was encountered by the people of engerland because they just want to be free. from Spain, who treat em unkindly. Economy is bleedin' important to a certain gaff because these queen hae a sterling abilities to rule so they've rise the economic condition of engerland during their times. Their legacies hae also influence the people until thes modern times. For the baked bean Elizabeth I established an pommy church that helped shape a national identity and remains in gaff today. And 4 Queen Victoria she reign marked the gradual establishment of modern constitutional monarchy. The monarchs really hae the power among the people of his kingdom, but we also hae the right to fight 4 our rights. References Robin Chew.(1995). Elizabeth I the Queen of England. Retrieved March 13, 2008 from Sachar.A.L(1989) Victoria, Queen In the New Book of Knowledge(Vol.19,pp.332) Wikipedia. (2008). Boer War. 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